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Order your 2019 Team Walk shirt for Diabetes now!

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Order your 2019 Team Walk shirt for Diabetes now!

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Our Mission


Introduce the world of scuba diving to those with disabilities and immerse them in the freedom that lies beneath the ocean


Teaching and engaging our members and fellow divers in marine conservation to protect both our oceans and their wildlife


Increasing awareness of diabetes while destroying the myths that this disease, or any disability, should somehow limit your ability to live life to its fullest

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Join us and see the other 71% of the world! Whether you have an impairment or not, we will show you this amazing world! There is no better time than now to start, see our classes and get started today!


About Kody

Kody is a certified PADI, SDI, and Scubility instructor rated to teach all levels of impairment from ADHD to Quadraplegic. By the way, he is also a Type 1 Diabetic that didn't let anything stop his desire to dive!

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Our Founder

Kody Swencki - SDI #26182, PADI #406387, NREMT

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 6. From day one, I never let it become a barrier or stop me from seeking adventure. Scuba diving became more than adventure to me, it became my life. At 11 my dad took me to Catalina and had me participate in a Discover Scuba class. The moment I hit the ocean water, I knew scuba was for me!

Unfortunately, some people in the sport were not sure scuba was ready for my diabetes yet. Initially some shops turned me away from diving because they were not willing to learn or take the risk to teach a diabetic. This was not going to stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a scuba diver. My family and I met Scott Taylor, a PADI course director, who was willing to learn with us to get me certified. He took the time to learn from my doctors and parents on how to manage diabetes. We applied it, with some trial and learning, to scuba diving and I got my PADI Open Water rating by age 12. Scott and my father have been by my side ever since. I became a PADI Master Scuba Diver by age 15, and PADI Divemaster 3 weeks after my 18th birthday and now a PADI Open Water Instructor 2 months after my 18th birthday!

My intent is not to brag but to empower others to enjoy the amazing world of scuba diving. It has since been my mission to share scuba with others who may think they can’t scuba dive or are limited by diabetes. If I can do it, I know you can too and I’m here to help! Now I’m not going to sugarcoat it, diabetes adds a new factor to deal with during diving and it has its challenges but it is completely possible. With careful planning and a general understanding of diabetes, anyone can be a Diverbetic! Scuba Diving is a gateway to explore a foreign world. No illness should stop someone from experiencing the mystery the sea has to offer. Use diabetes or your illness not as a setback, but as a challenge waiting to be conquered. Prove those who doubted you wrong!

Our goal at diverbetic.com is to give all divers, diabetic or not, a place to learn, share and spread the passion of diving!